Pride & Grit is the creation of our founder, Jennifer, but the mission is far bigger than just one person. It’s a collaborative effort of those who’ve navigated the (at times) difficult path of being a military spouse. Here you can learn from those eager to share their unique, and not-so-unique, challenges of this lifeletting their honest reflections provide support and inspiration. 

Being a military spouse is a source of great pride for many: pride in your country, pride in your Service Member, pride in your community, and on a good day, pride in yourself. And then some of us just met a boy, fell in love, and grew to accept a life we never fully understood. 

We often stumble on our words when explaining our lives to our friends and even our family members. We seek our own voice in a life over which we have very little control. We struggle. And then there are times we don’t. We celebrate traveling the world, setting up new homes, meeting new lifelong friends, and teaching our children a level of tenacity and resilience we never had at their age. We embrace the challenges and celebrate the blessings, our pride and grit shining through.  

I hope you find stories here that speak to you. Stories that lift you up, make you laugh, inspire you, broaden your perspective, and above all, remind us that there are silver linings in everything. Our job is to find them and nurture them!

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Our Storytellers

We all have a story to tell. Below are some of the contributors who chose to tell theirs. Let us know us how their stories (or others) touched you or someone you know.  

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Because we value privacy as military families, Pride and Grit contributors have the option to contribute as themselves, using a pen name, or anonymously. While the name may provide a veil, the voice and the story are real. 

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