Write for us!

Yay! So, you know you want to write but you aren’t sure what to do next. You’ve come to the right place! We LOVE adding voices to our mission of supporting and inspiring military spouses. 

The information below should answer most of your questions. And if it doesn’t, just email us here


Email your edited article to contributor@prideandgrit.com. Include a subject of New Author or Repeat Author Submission. 

In the email, please include the following:

  • Full Name, as you want it to appear in the article. Any requests to publish under a pen name or anonymously will be honored.
  • Is your article an original piece? If not, include date/location of the original posting and confirmation you have received permission to republish the article. 
  • Your own blog/website address and/or social media accounts you’d like referenced. 
  • Include a one-two sentence bio summary at the bottom of your submission. Have fun with it. Use this as a way to connect with your readers. 
  1. Tell your story as only you can. Focus on the details and the rawness that makes the story uniquely yours. Readers identify with vulnerability.

  2. Keep articles to 700-1000 words. For longer pieces, consider breaking it into a multi-part series. We’re happy to publish a series of articles. 

  3. The mission of Pride & Grit is to provide solution-based honesty. We want our readers to feel like our site, and the stories within, are a source of encouragement, lessons learned, and problem-solving. Please keep this in mind as you are writing. Acknowledge the hardships while painting a path for resilience.

  4. Ask a friend to proof read your article before submitting, please. If you haven’t discovered it, Grammarly.com is a great site! If you download it (for free) you can access its recommendations from just about any document format. 

  5. Your piece may not fit the tone, audience, or mission of the site during a specific point in time. It’s not personal, really, and we’ll notify you.

  6. If your article is selected to publish, we’ll follow up with additional details. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are!