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After reading Our Stories did you think… 

Man, I wish someone would write about …!

I am really struggling with… I wish someone would write about that! 

Why doesn’t anyone talk about…?

If we really want to have an honest conversation about thriving, we have to talk about….

If the answers to those questions are already forming in your head, we need your voice! We all have a story to tell. Why not tell yours as a Pride & Grit Contributor? Check out our Contributor’s Corner for details. 

Don’t love writing? We get it! Sharing your voice with the world can be terrifying (been there!). Even when interested, finding time to write and edit can seem like mission impossible (been there, too!). Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Share your story ideas with us. We love ideas! I mean, LOVE them. 

How? Email Jen@prideandgrit.com. If you include “Idea Fairy” in the subject line, we’d REALLY love you

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