Spouse Spotlights

How often have you viewed a new product, service, or tool and thought

Wow, that’s genius! This is really going to help people; it might even help me!

How do people come up with these ideas? How do they make their vision a reality?

Could I use my skills to develop a business, write a book, or just carve my own path alongside my Service Member?

Entrepreneurs inspire us. Their stories. Their vision. Their creativity. Their grit. Women and men with the ability to see a problem and grow a solution from nothing. And when those individuals are also military spouses, moving beyond all the challenges of growing a career or business while on the move, well, watching them succeed is so much fun! And helping elevate their story and even their brand is THE. MOST. FUN.

Shining a deserving light on military spouse entrepreneurs is an important pillar of our mission. Pride & Grit is so excited to introduce you to the inspiring stories of these rockstar military spouses. 

Whether you are looking for a military-spouse-owned business to support, are looking for inspiration, or are just curious about the talents of others, we’ve got you! 

As we celebrate their achievements, we hope you’ll be inspired to follow your own dreams or align with organizations that need more voices to realize their vision.