At my bridal shower, a friend and fellow Army spouse gave me a copy of the Army Wives Handbook. I had no idea something like that even existed. Soon after, I plopped myself in the nearest bookstore and flipped through (and eventually bought) too many books about my new life: Surviving Deployments, Living a Military Life, Creating Great Military Marriages, or insert any other similar title. I’m not sure I ever read any of them cover to cover, but just knowing that I had them made it all a little less daunting. 

After meeting Claire and learning about her Rambler Battalion Book Series, I knew I wanted to feature her on Pride & Grit. Maybe, back when I had hours to spend in a bookstore, romance novels that focused on the challenges of military life already existed. Perhaps not, but those are books that I’d have read cover to cover. 

     What is it like to walk away from the path you’re on?  

     What is it like to be afraid for the safety of a person you are starting to love?  

     What does it mean to love someone on the move, when you’ve lived in the same town your whole life? 

     How does military life influence my identity? 

I love that Claire is using her voice and her characters to entertain AND weave in lessons for military girlfriends and new spouses. And can we talk about the tenacity it takes to be a wife, mother, military spouse, and author? Following a dream in this life requires a unique blend of confidence, hustle, patience, and straight-up willingness to leap off the high dive.

     If you want to be an author, this interview is for you.

     If you want to see what it looks like to follow your dreams, this interview is for you

     If you want to support other military spouses and their businesses, this interview is for you. 

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